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I enjoy working with adults, adolescents, and couples. Although I work with people on a variety of different issues, my specialties include trauma, mood disorder, addiction, anxiety, and chronic illness.  I have trained and practiced in a variety of treatment approaches including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dyadic resourcing EMDR, Attachment-focused EMDR, hypnotherapy, Mind-Body medicine, cognitive behavioral therapy, client-centered therapy,  and grief therapy.  As a result, I can offer each client an individualized approach to meet his or her therapy goals. I strive to ensure that therapy not only promotes relief from current stressors, but provides the tools to make lasting personal change. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 25 years clinical experience and have earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Social Work. I am also a Certified EMDR Clinician, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) in Virginia, and National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (NBCCH). 

Prior to my private practice I held clinical, consultant, supervisory, and administrative positions in both adult and adolescent mental health facilities, hospitals, non-profit organizations, residential settings, and community mental health centers.
While working for Fairfax County Mental Health Department in Virginia, I developed and supervised four Residential Treatment Centers for the Dual Diagnosed - clients who are both mentally ill and substance abusers. Following my years at Fairfax County, I was both an outpatient and in-home therapist for a local facility for troubled adolescents.
I also facilitated sexual assault survivor groups for the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS) and a breast cancer support group for Loudoun INOVA Hospital. Prior to moving to Virginia, I co-founded and nurtured the development of the first Bi-Polar Support Group in Brevard County, Florida.

I’m a 17 year breast cancer survivor – although prefer “thriver” to survivor!  I understand the flood of emotions that overwhelm both the patient and loved ones once the diagnosis is given and how a medical crisis can impact every facet of one's life. I’ve been through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I know that improving one's mental health and coping strategies have a profound impact on the healing process, as well as on one's overall well being.

To ensure I keep current with the latest developments and techniques in the profession and to possess a wide variety of treatment options to offer my patients, I continuously seek training with the nation’s most sought-out experts.  My experience tells me that no one technique is a perfect fit for all situations.  Having numerous tools in my tool box allows me to implement the appropriate – or combination of appropriate - technique(s) to provide the greatest likelihood of success for a given individual. In recent years, I’ve traveled to Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania to seek out experts to expand my capabilities. Below is a summary of my recent training:

EMDR with Somatic Psychotherapy taught by Craig Penner. Craig has been in private practice since 1982 and specializes in experiential, process-oriented somatic therapy, blended with EMDR. In addition to his undergraduate and graduate work, he has completed many multi-year trainings and consultations to better understand our nature, and the nature of achieving health, emotional freedom and well-being.  He has integrated his deep understanding of the body and the workings of the nervous system into EMDR and bilateral stimulation to provide a dynamic blend of ways to access natural propensities for growth very efficiently. In addition to conducting his own trainings, he is a training facilitator for the EMDR Institute, an Approved Consultant with the EMDR International Association, and Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner as well as Certified EDMR Therapist.

Feeling-State Addiction Protocol with Robert Miller
, PhD.  Dr Miller is a clinical psychologist that specializes in the treatment of compulsions and addictions. He began developing the Feeling-State Addiction Protocol in 2001, and also has extensive experience treating depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, PTSD (both civilian and military), and relationship problems. Dr Miller has authored several books and numerous papers and teaches the Protocol around the world.

EMDR Dyadic Resourcing for Attachment with Philip Manfield, PhD.  Dr Manfield has practiced psychotherapy since 1975 and has almost exclusively used EMDR since 1991. He has authored or edited five books and numerous articles and is an international trainer having taught in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Transforming Trauma with EMDR Comprehensive Training, Advanced EMDR Clinical Workshop, and Attachment-focused EMDR with Laurel Parnell, PhD.  Dr. Parnell is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, author, consultant and EMDR trainer.  She is a leading expert on EMDR, has trained thousands of EMDR clinicians both nationally and internationally, is the author of five books on EMDR, and recently founded the Parnell Institute that provides trainings and workshops worldwide and is dedicated to providing quality education, service and research in the treatment of trauma.  She has been interviewed extensively for television, radio, and print on EMDR.

Mind-Body Medicine fundamentals and Advanced Mind-Body Professional Training Program with James Gordon, MD.  Dr Gordon is a Harvard educated psychiatrist, world renowned expert in using mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma and the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and a Clinical Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at Georgetown Medical School.  Dr. Gordon is the author of three books and more than 120 articles in professional journals and mainstream publications, among them the American Journal of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychiatry, The Journal of Traumatic Stress, The American Family Physician, The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. His work has been featured on 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Evening News, CNN, and NPR, as well as in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, USA Today, Psychology Today, and People Magazine

Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy with Rochelle Wright. Rochelle is a licensed mental health counselor, licensed chemical dependency professional, national certified counselor, EMDR certified therapist, and designer and psychotherapist of the Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy method. She has authored two books,  been a grief and trauma psychotherapist for 23 years, and is one of the most highly sought trainer for grief and trauma therapists.

Somatic Interventions and EMDR with Arielle Schwartz, PhD and Barb Maiberger, MA, LPC.  Both ladies are practicioners of EMDR, have extensive experience with trauma patients, and sought-after instructors. Barb is a published author and founder the Maiberger Institute which is responsible for training many EMDR therapists

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy with Bruce Hersey, LSCW and Lois Ehrmann, PhD.  Bruce is a Certified IFS Therapist, Approved Consultant in both EMDR (EMDRIA) and Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), as well Diplomate and Certified Supervisor in Sex Therapy.  Dr Ehrmann  is the Director of CHOICES, a holistic counseling group. A Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice for over 20years and Assistant Professor in Counselor Education & Supervision at PSU, is a Certified IFS Therapist, and introduced the IFS model to groups of parents of traumatized children, and to professional healers working with traumatized families. She is Certified in EMDR (EMDRIA), a Registered Attachment Clinician (ATTACh), and an Approved Clinical Supervisor (NCE).

Integrative Treatment of Complex PTSD and Dissociative States with Joanne Twombly, LICSW, MSW.   Joanne is a clinical social worker in private practice in Massachusetts. She is a Certified Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, an EMDR International Society Approved Consultant, is Internal Family Systems Certified. She has presented widely on dissociative disorders and complex PTSD, and is the author of several chapters and articles EMDR, IFS, and Perpetrator Introjects. . She is a past director on the Executive Council of the International Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation, and a past president of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation.


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