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Addiction Treatment - How I Can Help

Addictions can make life chaotic, confusing, and hopeless. I provide an individualized program to address alcohol and substance abuse and to conquer debilitating behaviors. Patients are professionally guided as they move into recovery. Recovery may be a time of uncertainty and discomfort, but it need not be a time of relapse and failure. I guide patients through an individualized multi-step relapse prevention plan that assists in developing the support, self-awareness, and coping skills to help prevent relapse. Relapse prevention will strengthen the powers of recovery and will teach how to replace one’s addiction with a full, healthy, and happy lifestyle. My years of experience working with patients suffering from all of the below addictions include not only private practice but residential settings, outpatient care, and in-home treatment. I have consistently been the therapist of choice by local physicians for their most challenging patients.

In early 2016 I was trained in a very successful technique (Feeling-State Addiction Protocol) to treat a broad base of substance and behavioral addictions.  These include alcohol, drug, and chemical addictions, as well as behavioral addictions such as gambling, shopping, food compulsion, sex, pornography, and more.  Dr Robert Miller’s 2011 paper describes the basis for understanding the addictive behavior and the protocol for resolving these issues.  I’ve had early success with the approach and a fellow clinician who took the training with me calls her results “freakishly amazing”.




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Treatment Techniques:                                                 Disorders:
  EMDR                                                                                    Trauma
  Dyadic Resourcing for EMDR                                             Mood Disorders
  Attachment-Focused EMDR                                                Addictions
  Hypnotherapy                                                                       Chronic Illnesses
  Mind-Body Medicine
  Internal Family Systems
  Feeling-State Addiction Protocol


Kimberly Callen, LCSW, NBCCH
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