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Dyadic Resourcing

EMDR is an excellent method for processing trauma, reprogramming the brain, and permanently changing one’s life.  However, in some cases, EMDR alone is not enough to provide complete, lasting results.  These cases typically involve individuals that have suffered significant multiple traumatic events - especially at an early age - and those who suffered an emotionally impoverished childhood.  The result is attachment disorder that must be addressed before further treatment. These individuals do not have the resources to rely on for successful EMDR – they cannot view childhood memories – any memories – in a compassionate, understanding way.  They cannot envision an adult perspective that provides the necessary foundation for successful EMDR.  They cannot see themselves as a lovable child. Dyadic resourcing, developed by Dr. Philip Manfield, develops the necessary caring adult perspective so a lovable internal child can emerge within the patient – allowing him/her to connect affectively to the experience of being in a nurturing relationship.  Once this is accomplished, the effectiveness of EMDR increases dramatically.

I have trained with Dr. Manfield and regularly use the techniques I was taught and also documented in his book, Dyadic Resourcing – Creating a Foundation for Processing Trauma.  The results are outstanding and make the EMDR process a much more meaningful, successful treatment. 

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