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Feeling-State Theory & Protocols

Feeling-State Theory and Addiction protocol was developed by Dr Robert Miller.  The theory is based on the idea that the addictive behavior is a result of that behavior being linked to an event that fulfilled a void or otherwise missing feeling.  For example, "John" never felt connected to his father. Finally, his father lets John play poker with him and the guys and it is a wonderful night. He is able to bond with his father, experiencing a feeling of closeness with his father he has never felt - and may never feel again.  John's subsequent addiction to gambling isn't because he loves to play poker, but it brings him back to that one fabulous evening when he felt connected, loved, and adored by his father.   "Tim" may also be addicted to gambling, but for a different reason.  Tim had always been deemed a "loser" by those around him growing up. However, one day he won a lot of money in one poker hand. Suddenly, everyone is calling him a winner.  Until then, he had been a non-compulsive poker player. From then on, Tim associated poker with the feeling of being a "winner" and couldn't stop playing.

Dr Miller's theory is that a vast majority of addictions, compulsions, obsessions, co-dependence, and anger can be treated with his protocol. EMDR is a key component of this approach, limiting it's implementation to those who are well versed in the technique.  My vast experience with EMDR enables me to effectively to implement his protocol.

I have trained with Dr. Miller and regularly use the techniques I was taught and documented in his paperThe Feeling-State of Behavioral and Substance Addictions and the Feeling-State Addiction Protocol.  The results are outstanding and give me encouragement that each person suffering from addictive behavior can see near term results and a return to normalcy in their lives.

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