Kimberly Callen, LCSW,  NBCCH
St George, Utah
Insurance & Fees

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, most psychotherapy services I provide are covered under major medical health plans. I do not participate on the panels of any insurance carrier nor do I accept direct reimbursement from insurance carriers and am considered an "out-of-network" provider. You are responsible for all fees at the end of each session. Most clients seek reimbursement from their insurance companies through their policy’s out-of-network benefits. Each insurance company differs in the percentage they will pay for an out of network provider, so please consult your membership specialist prior to our first meeting to understand your benefits. You will want to ask your insurance company about:

   - Coverage for "outpatient psychotherapy services"
   - The percentage of reimubursement for an "out of network provider" including any deductible amount
I am happy to provide you with a receipt, diagnostic code, specialty code, and any other paper work you may need to submit your claim.

Appointment & Fees
Appointment times are available on a flexible basis. 

Fees are as follows:
                  $195    Initial assessment for both individuals and couples - 90 min
               $135    Regular sessions for individuals - 50 min
               $195    Regular sessions for couples - 90 min
               $195    Sessions implementing advanced techniques such as EMDR and hypnotherapy - 90 min

Fees are collected at the time of service, at the end of a session. Cash, personal check, HSA, and credit cards (MasterCard, VISA) are the accepted forms of payment. A $30 fee will be charged for returned checks.  Although I do my best to strictly adhere to my schedule and the durations listed above, it may be necessary to extend a session in times of patient crises or to complete an advanced-technique session.  In those rare cases, I will charge the additional time on a pro-rated basis.

Cancellation Policy
The time you schedule is held for you and 48 hours notice of cancellation is required to avoid being charged the regular session fee.  Cancellation should be by phone only.  I recognize your time is valuable and you are taking time from your busy schedule to see me.  If for some reason I do not make an appointment, the next session will be at no charge to you.

Click for more on the following topics and how I can help you with:

Treatment Techniques:                                                        Disorders:
  EMDR                                                                                            Trauma
  Dyadic Resourcing for EMDR                                            Mood Disorders
  Attachment-Focused EMDR                                               Addictions
  Hypnotherapy                                                                            Chronic Illnesses
  Mind-Body Medicine
  Internal Family Systems 
  Feeling-State Addiction Protocol

Kimberly Callen, LCSW, NBCCH
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