Kimberly Callen, LCSW,  NBCCH
St George, Utah

Treatment Techniques

I have trained with many of the nation’s leading experts to ensure I can provide my patients the best opportunity for outstanding results. With this extensive training, I possess not only the individual skills, but the knowledge of what technique(s) is/are best for an individual, and the ability to combine multiple approaches to provide the best possible care to each person.

Each of these techniques is well documented, has been researched thoroughly, and has extensive information available on the internet. The information found on my site provides a "high level" description to introduce the reader to the technique. Rather than try to point you to specific information, I encourage you to do more research on any topic that interests or intrigues you.

Click for more on the following topics and how I can help you with:

Treatment Techniques:                                                 Disorders:
  EMDR                                                                                     Trauma
  Dyadic Resourcing for EMDR                                              Mood Disorders
  Attachment-Focused EMDR                                                 Addictions
  Hypnotherapy                                                                        Chronic Illnesses
  Mind-Body Medicine
  Internal Family Systems 
  Feeling-State Addiction Protocol

Kimberly Callen, LCSW, NBCCH
107 S 1470 East   St George, UT  84790 



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